Lynnly Benson

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This is what I took away from The Tracey Fragments, this is everything I have.

Filmed and edited by Lynnly

Audio was ripped off The Tracey Fragments.

I imagine this is what it is like to chain-smoke on an empty cigarette at 3 in the morning.

Filmed/Edited/Everthing: Lynnly Ng-Olsen

Filmed & Edited by Lynnly Ng-Olsen

Written by Lynnly Ng-Olsen & Dagmara R

On set: Lynnly Ng-Olsen, Dagmara R, Christine Y

Pretty is deceiving. A film performed by fruit.

Written/Filmed/Edited by Lynnly

Filmed by: Alice Morby, Lynnly Ng-Olsen
Directed & Edited by: Lynnly Ng-Olsen

Directed & Edited: Lynnly Ng-Olsen

Cameraman: Dagmara R

On Shoot: Lynnly, Dagmara R, George S, Michael S, Mikaela G

Model: Cynthia Y

Music: London - Vanessa Carlton

The Marching Line - Vanessa Carlton

(This is a video for a 1st year Uni project, filmed April 2012)

We are now living lives where our public and private spaces are increasingly blurred. This film explores a new-tech-native generation addicted and reliant on technology despite our own privacy and safety, and reveals the quiet means large web companies have taken to analyse and sell our online portraits. Filmed/Directed/Edited by: Lynnly Ng-Olsen (This film is a Year-2 project for University.)

Reflectionist (Trailer)

This is a film about you.

Edited by: Lynnly Ng-Olsen

Filmed by: Lynnly Ng-Olsen and Alice Morby

Music: A Bitter Song by Butterfly Boucher